Children’s Ministry

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At SCC Kids we have a warm team of volunteers committed to welcoming all kids and showing them about God’s love for them by creatively teaching them the truths of the Bible.  We are passionate about building relationships, creating memories, and learning about God’s plan for their lives.  We have interactive teaching in a safe place tailored for them.  We desire them to grow deep in the roots of scripture and experience God as they praise Him, meet new friends, grow in God’s word and learn how to serve others. 

Nursery is an invaluable place for the very youngest among us to be loved and cared for in a safe and comfortable space.  We cherish the little ones and know it’s never too early to show them God’s love.

During the main worship service, the preschoolers learn of God’s word through puppets, stories, crafts and play time with dedicated staff who pour truths into them as they interact with them in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  

The school age kids join the church family for worship, then are dismissed to an environment created for them, to be challenged and learn together about the Big God story.   We hear directly from God’s word in a variety of ways – all showing how life in Christ can be exciting and relevant to them.  We love to grow deep roots showing them the awesome love of God and his plan for them. They are together for the main teaching then head into smaller groups for a time of deeper study aimed to inspire curiosity or to have a specific time of connection – to leaders, each other and to Jesus!

Kid’s ministry could not happen if it weren’t for the amazing team of dedicated volunteers.  We love our volunteers!  They have a love and dedication to the kids and serve God faithfully through connecting with kids.  There is a variety of ways that people can serve in kid’s ministry, whether it’s praying faithfully for them or creatively teaching or being a much loved support leader.  There are many ways you can be used in kid’s ministry!  Music, puppets, drama, photography, nursery care, and many other ways.  Contact us if you would like to be part of this exciting team.