Our Mission

       "Leading People to Love and Serve Jesus Christ"

Our Vision

God has given us this vision of how to live as His people in our community.
We remind ourselves and each other of the life we are called to.

Our Values

We want SCC to be a people so committed to Jesus that His love overflows to the people of Chilliwack.
This means that we want to impact our community. We want to be a light for Jesus Christ and for His gospel that shines out in our city as a beacon of hope and faith. We believe that His love alone has the power to change lives, and want to see Christ’s light and hope brought across cultural barriers to our neighbours.

We want SCC to be a people so welcoming that people of all ages eagerly join us in following Jesus.
This means that children, teens, young adults, parents, the middle aged and seniors are warmly greeted by our whole congregation and are incorporated into the daily life of the church – interacting with others in and outside their generation and joyfully following Jesus with deep passion.

We want SCC to be a people so transformed by growing together that small groups, mentoring relationships and gathering together become a natural pattern of life.
This means that we encourage each other to continue growing in faith, hold each other accountable and commit ourselves to walking with others in personal relationships not out of obligation, but out of a deep desire for community living.

We want SCC to be so focused on living as Jesus’ church and biblical truth that differences of opinion are resolved in love and by faithfulness to Biblical truth.
This means that when differences and tensions arise, we act with gracious patience and kindness, esteeming others above ourselves with a commitment to each other and to Biblical living as Jesus did.

We want SCC to be so empowered by exercising our gifts that neighbours, near and far, are drawn into the life of God.
This means that we use whatever we have – our spiritual gifts, our financial opportunities, our intellectual abilities, our artistry, our love for people, our relationships, our personalities – to witness to the Kingdom of God.

We want SCC to be a people so in love with the Word of God that the truth guides our lives.
This means that we actively study and interpret the scriptures and apply their eternal truths to our lives. We believe that scripture is interpreted as a community, and discernment of their application is done together as a whole.

We believe that this is the work that God wants us to do as a local church community. We will say “Yes!” to His invitation to lead others to love and serve Jesus Christ. Amen.